Reference Number: 07994

Job Role Required Pig Stockperson
Location Required Ireland
Skills & Experience to date Romanian applicant, 23, he worked for more than 1 year in a pig farm in Denmark. He did a good job there and got a recommendation letter from the farm owner. He would like to switch to dairy farming and try something new, while still working in a farm. He loves working with animals and cared for piglets while doing other general farm jobs. He would be great in calving roles and also wants to train as a milker. His English is good, so communication will not be an issue. Certainly an applicant worth considering.
Driving Licence
Nationality RO
Accomodation Required Yes
Availability 1 week
Cost / Estimated charge rate
Additional Info

Alternatively, to find out more about availing of this individual’s services please phone 053 92 36222 or email

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