Reference Number: 02098

Job Role Herdsperson in Gloucestershire Ref: 2098
Location Gloucestershire
The Farm We are seeking a competent and involved herdsperson to take on the responsibility of this 180 cow high yielding milking herd on a premium milk contract.This home-bred herd are grazed for a proportion of the year whilst buffer fed a TMR diet in order to sustain a level profile milk supply which the contract requires. The herd is milked through a tidy 20:20 Westphalia, fully ADF herringbone parlour and are housed under one roof cubicle shed on sand beds.
The Role The role of the herdsperson would be to work alongside the farm owner in running of the herd, but taking responsibility of the cows, milking routine, herd health and care as well as feeding and nutrition for the cows.The unit benefits from just once a year TB testing.Genus RMS is in operation, so the need for AI isn`t a necessity, but an interest in fertility is important. Foot trimming would be useful to pick up on cows in-between the routine foot trimmer, but again not a necessity for the role.Routine record keeping would be required, completion of the day book, medicine entry and transfer of this information onto the computer system in order to operate the parlour efficiently; so computer literacy required.The farm is well kept with modern livestock buildings and protocols in place, of which we would be seeking someone to adhere and continue these high standards and clean/ tidy working environment.An important factor as part of this role is to take pride in your work with a passion and dedication for the herd and ability to treat these cows as your own.The role is purely focused on the cows, milking and feeding/ nutrition routine.
Youngstock, calf rearing, yard work, maintenance etc is all undertaking by other team members.
The Applicant The successful applicant will have previous milking experience and a competent stockperson as well. The ability to use a feeder wagon and a strong interest in the nutrition of the milking herd
Competent tractor driver. Herd Management experience and record keeping
Accommodation 2/3 bedroom semi-detached cottage in a beautiful edge of village location in Cotswolds. Fully central heated, well maintained with renovations within the last 5 years. Excellent top-rated schools within the area. Commutable to large towns and excellent road networks and transport links
Additional Info
The successful candidate will be directly employed by the Farm. To apply, please forward your CV to or phone 07767 161395 for further information.

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