Reference Number: 02299

Job Role Herdsperson in Dorset Ref: 2299
Location Dorset
The Farm The Farm: This 420 cow herd of Holsteins are AYR calving and yielding 9,200 litres on a premium contract. Milking completed twice a day through a new 30 x 30 Fullwood herringbone parlour, with Auto ID and in-parlour feeders with excellent handling facilities. Cows are on a TMR all-year, with Lows out to grass in the summer.
Cows are housed in excellent sand bedded cubicles, and grazed during summer months.
The Role The Role:
The herdsperson will be responsible for the herd, milking routine, parlour and dairy hygiene, leading an assistant and working closely with the farmer and vet, involved in vet routines, drying off etc, including record keeping within NMR dairy and computer system (training can be made available with this).
The Applicant The applicant will be required to have experience in dealing with a herd, a competent milker and excellent record keeper.
Accommodation A competitive package to go along with a 3-bedroom semi-detached cottage, with central heating, on farm
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