Contract Farm-Workers

Contract workers are sourced from across the UK, Ireland, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. Selected applicants are thoroughly screened by us and selected for suitable farm vacancies. We maintain ongoing contact with our employees and our clients in order to ensure satisfaction among all concerned parties.

Farm Solutions Offer:

  • Selective recruitment of worker including; reference verification by Farm Solutions staff.
  • Induction training prior to arrival on your farm.
  • Problem solving: If you have a problem with a worker, we will endeavor to sort it out and will replace/remove worker if a serious problem arises.
  • Our rates include all statutory contributions in accordance with labour law thus eliminating the need for a farmer to operate their own payroll system.
  • Farm Solutions can deal with all the legal and banking requirements of our staff.

We take great care in selecting our workforce. This involves interviewing, reference checking and appropriate induction training to each person prior to commencing work.

Our farmer clients are also carefully assessed. We visit your farm, see the working and living conditions, and discuss your needs on a one to one basis. Knowing your real needs is the essential ingredient required in order to place the most suitable person on your farm.

A combination of these factors ensures that problems are kept to a minimum. Good communication is the key to maintaining good working relationships; however, a personality clash or a wrong decision sometimes may mean that a worker is replaced or removed.

With more than 20 years experience in placing workers on a wide range of farm enterprises, we have the knowledge and expertise to look after your labour needs.

To discuss your needs, call us for a friendly and confidential chat.

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